“Time” for Something New

*I’ve had  week or two with no posts due to some site redesign and tweaking I’ve been working on.  I plan to get things back on track in the upcoming week.  I appreciate the patience of all my followers!*

So, I needed a new obsession. My friend Jenna Karvunidis has gotten me suddenly ‘into’ pearls, but since I can’t afford to buy every pearl I fall in love with, I was trying to find something fun that I could collect a little faster while I dream my pearls into being.

Browsing around on Amazon’s “Today’s Deals“, the non-holiday equivalent of the Lightning Deals you all know I’m so fond of, I ran across this watch.

Is this not a really cute bracelet watch?

Casual and fun — and affordable!

I paid $8.59 for it and I see it’s down to $6.99 right now!

Real-Life Photos:


As far as sizing goes, for reference, my wrist is roughly 5.25″-5.5″, depending on the weather.  Here in the photo, it was a humid day and so the measurement was 5.5″ and this is fastened on the smallest size.  A few days ago, we had a chilly day and the watch was quite loose.

I started clicking all the related links and found all kinds of colors and styles in this genre of watch, all for less than $20 each. Obviously, I was not expecting high-end jewelry here, just something to add to my nearly-nonexistent accessories collection.

My cart ended up with about 17 of these watches once I hit the end of my browsing patience for the day. I decided to just start with one and see how I liked it before buying more.

Needless to say, I have already bought #2 and there are several more just waiting for me to click Proceed to Checkout.  I can’t wait to get the next entry in my collection.

Stay tuned to see more great finds!


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