Hundreds of people have been commenting/reviewing on Amazon, worked up in a righteous snit over the price, the versions of the movie/lack of artistic integrity, and the apparent greed of the studios who want our money.


What did you expect? An HD 6-movie bundle for $20? Most HD digital movies are costing around $19.99 each these days, especially when newly released. This bundle price basically makes these $14.99 each. I can live with that price. Hilariously, many of the ones griping about the price are also the ones saying things like “I already own all these on VHS, laser disc, DVD, and Blu-Ray. I won’t be suckered into buying another copy!” Um..irony?

So Much GREED!

I absolutely love reading the comments of people who are just furious that an entity in business to make money is actually charging for a product. *gasp* In what world do you ever get the next version of something for no charge just because you own the preceding product? Just because you picked up a copy of Return of the Jedi on Blu-Ray from a Walmart clearance bin doesn’t give you the right to demand a free or discounted digital copy as well. It might be the same movie, but it is still a completely different product. If you buy a book in hardcover and also want it in paperback, you BUY A SECOND COPY. Ugh – this is not something new.

All Those Wretched Changes!

Okay, even as only a casual fan of the franchise, I found some of the changes to be pointless and/or silly. George Lucas went a little overboard at times trying to be cute and I wish he’d left some things alone. However, I definitely am not in a fury over the modification of the character development of Han Solo (Han shot first!) Goodness — the rage over that! People do know he’s not real…right?

Side note:  It looks like is for sale for only $3,395! Grab that up, somebody, and set up a website where Star Wars fans everywhere can visit to discuss the injustice of it all.

I do find it hard to believe that anyone was surprised that this digital release would include the modified versions. Why is this such a shock? Many years and millions of dollars were spent to update the originals. They certainly wouldn’t just be scrapped when finally released to the digital-viewing public.

I honestly thought that women had the market cornered on making a mountain out of the most insignificant molehills. But I stand corrected. Seriously, men! Get a grip!

Nobody is forcing you to watch or buy these. No one is forcing you to go digital or swear loyalty to the new versions. Remain a purist. It’s okay. Nothing has changed in your world. You don’t need to waste so much energy being outraged over something that really does not affect you at all.

Happily, I am not a purist or a rabid Star Wars fan, so none of this stuff really bothers me. I simply love these movies for what they are:  fun entertainment. I am thrilled to finally be able to stream them through Amazon. If I suddenly become desperate to watch the old originals in all their grainy glory, I’ll just pop over to my parents’ house and watch them on VHS.

In the meantime, let the Star Wars marathon begin!

What do you think? Are you going to get these movies?

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