I read this article today and my blood just boiled:

“The security guard told him men and women in uniform were not allowed because it may OFFEND another student.”

Offend another student?  OFFEND??  Seriously?  Are you kidding?

Dad In Uniform - God Bless the USA

Dad In Uniform – God Bless the USA

Who exactly would be offended by someone who arrived at his child’s school in the uniform of his job?  Would someone be offended if a plumber came to work in his uniform?  Or a policeman?  Or a … I don’t know … a fireman, fast food worker, or … well, anyone else whose job has a uniform?

What is the big problem people have with military personnel?  So maybe we’re fighting wars that you don’t agree with.  Maybe we’re sticking our noses into places it does not belong.  But that is not the fault of the individual soldier.

Maybe there have been cases where an individual soldier has acted in a manner unbecoming a US military person.  Maybe there have been cases that the military would love to pretend never existed.

Regardless of all of that, a soldier, a father, in uniform is not the enemy.  They are not someone to be offended by.  Police, firemen … plumbers have, throughout the years, all been associated with crimes of various sorts.  The person does not equal the entire profession.

The military is not a singular being.  It is a group of people — human beings — some who make mistakes, some who commit terrible acts, but the majority of which are just trying to make a living, provide for their families, and protect their country at the same time.  To suddenly vilify everyone in uniform, just because they wear a uniform, to the point where OFFENSE is taken…well, that is just going too far.

The only people I would think could be offended by a military person would be perhaps an immigrant from a country in which not-so-pleasant things have happened.  If that is the case, well…too bad.  You’re in America, you’re in this country.  Cope.

I am a veteran of the US Army.  There were periods of my service that I am proud of, other periods where I am not as much.  But I was a soldier, and I am a veteran, and I am proud that for a short time I served my country in a way that probably 90% of the country couldn’t possibly do themselves.

As I write this (and calm down a bit), I am just saddened by the direction this country is going.  The men and women who once were heroes in everyone’s eyes, who were once accorded the respect and dignity that they deserved for the sacrifices that they make for this country, from the clerk at the local recruitment office to the special ops soldier on the front lines…to have them suddenly deemed offensive to other people, to children who should be taught that they respect these people…it’s just appalling.  These are people who have volunteered to die if they have to, if their job requires it.  To die!  There are really children who are being raised to be offended by these people??

Maybe this is a singular incident.  Maybe that security guard has some sort of personal issues with the military.  Maybe they will do more than just apologize to this dad in Army uniform, but instead really take a look at their overall mindset.  But the fact that this father was stopped by FOUR people leads me to believe otherwise.  When I first saw the headline, I expected to read something about “fatigues = possible weapons” or something like that.  I was shocked when I saw that it was a ban mean to guard the frail sensibilities of this generation’s children.

I…I can’t go on for now.  I will watch as this story unfolds and I’m sure it will all eventually get swept under the rug.  I would urge that father to make this public, very public, and stop the discrimination against the military.  Remember the Vietnam War years, when anyone in uniform was the enemy?  Do we really want to relive that experience?

I don’t think so.

Note:  I apologize for the over-emotional overuse of ellipses and italics.
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