November 5, 2014


To be honest, despite all the projections to the contrary, I did not think you would pull it off, GOP.  I really didn’t.  I know America is Washington-weary and disillusioned with the current administration, but given the amount of anti-Republican vitriol that is spewed all over the Internet, I would have bet money that voters would never give you control of Congress.

I stand corrected.  I find myself pleasantly surprised and incredibly hopeful.

I am hopeful that you, the GOP, can reverse the negative perceptions that your own actions and the actions of the extremists in your party have created.  I hope that you show that “conservative” equals less federal government interference and more fiscal responsibility, not middle-class hating or poverty-inflicting.  Demonstrate that you can compromise for the sake of the betterment of this country.  Prove that you do care about the people who you represent.

And please, please, just keep religion out of it.

I am as religious as the next person, but even I wish that you would just calm down on trying to legislate non-criminal behavior.  It is a little hypocritical to have a party whose platform is centered around less government interference that turns around and tries to interfere with things that are based on your religious beliefs.  Don’t like a certain kind of birth control?  Fine, then don’t use it, but it’s not up to you to stop others from doing so.  Don’t agree with gay marriage?  Fine, but you cannot force that belief on an entire nation.  If you truly believe these things are sinful, then work through your church to get your message out.  Do not do it from Capitol Hill.

You have not been elected to a church board, or a charitable organization committee, GOP.  You were not elected to be the spiritual leaders of our nation.  America is not a theocracy.  It is time to stop focusing so much on Christian vs. atheist, moral vs. immoral, and “my beliefs are better than yours.”  America is a country, a business, a massive logistical nightmare.  Start focusing on running it, not trying to change what it believes.

This is your chance to prove that voters did not make a mistake yesterday.

GOP: You Won #Election2014. Now Show Us You Can Govern

GOP #Election2014

Let the states manage the raising of their minimum wage to rates that make sense for their populace.  Let each state decide if they want to legalize marijuana.  Allow states to make themselves attractive to businesses so that jobs can be created.

Focus on immigration, wars/terrorism, foreign policy, the economy, the budget, and the deficit. Start passing clean bills, not bills stuffed with GOP-specific/special interest “extras”. Crack down on crime and corruption.  You will never get the ACA outright repealed, so don’t invest the time and effort; instead focus on tweaking it so that the beneficial parts are kept and the price tag is brought down.

Please, please do not waste the next two years investigating past events and holding useless impeachment proceedings. Witch-hunting will simply alienate you further.  You want to reform taxes and scale down the government?  Then do it.  Just move on.

Govern, Republicans. No gloating, no preaching, and no revenge.  Just govern.

This is your chance.  It could very well be your last one.



A Republican Voter

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