We Were “Dead Broke”

Hillary Clinton gave an interview to ABC’s Diane Sawyer, which aired yesterday, coinciding with the release of her new book Hard Choices.  During the interview, Hillary said that she and her husband were “dead broke” and “struggled to piece together the resources” for their mortgages in Washington and New York, as well as struggled to continue to pay daughter Chelsea’s tuition at Stanford University.

This is the woman who we are to believe is in touch with the reality of the lives of most Americans?

They were apparently $12 million in debt when they left the White House.  That is not dead broke.  That is in debt.  That is poor money management and poor planning.  There is no excuse for mismanaging a six-figure income with zero personal expenses for eight years to the point where you’re in debt that badly.  If you are really that incompetent at managing income vs. expenses, do I really want you in charge of an entire nation?  If you are really so clueless as to try to compare your poor poor self to the millions of Americans who are really struggling to survive, do you seriously expect me to believe that you are in touch with the reality of this country?

Let’s define “dead broke,” shall we, Hilary?

What dead broke is:

  • Little to no income
  • Few to no assets
  • Homeless/about to be foreclosed or evicted
  • Hungry, unable to buy enough food
  • You and/or your children wearing clothes/shoes that no longer fit or are falling apart
  • Debt payments and debt collectors that you cannot pay

Dead Broke Hillary Clinton

What dead broke is not:

  • Owning two houses worth millions
  • Having an $8 million book deal/advance
  • Knowing that your husband will be making a guaranteed six-figure income for life, including health insurance and personal security
  • Filing a tax return for more than $16 million in joint income for the year in which you were “dead broke.”

One thing I don’t understand about America’s obsession with this woman: she is the 1%!  She is exactly the same as all those other rich politicians that people rail about.  She has houses, cars, staff, a ridiculous income.  I don’t expect her to live in poverty, but come on…at least live more “normally.”  Why does she get a pass when Mitt Romney, George Bush, etc. get skewered because they’re rich?  Is it really because she’s a strong woman?  It’s a shame really.  If she was living in a $300,000 house and driving a Lexus but then giving all the rest of her money away to charities and needy people, I would have so much respect for her.  I might not still agree with some of her opinions on political matters, but I would 100% feel that she actually cared about mainstream America.  I think a lot of Americans would agree.

Let me be clear.  I do not dislike Hillary because she is a Democrat, or a woman, or a Clinton. I don’t even dislike her solely because of Benghazi; I’m honestly still split on my opinion about that debacle.  No, I dislike Hillary Clinton because of things like this that she says and does that directly contradict what she claims to believe in.  Don’t stretch the truth to try to appeal to the poor masses.  Don’t claim to be all about empowering women, yet refuse to grow a pair and leave your cheating husband because of how it might affect you politically.  If you want to keep all the money you earn, then do it…but don’t then turn around and try to act like you’re not really wealthy, that you’re the same as everyone else.  Own who you are; quit trying to make it appear that your poor millionaire family has had the same type of financial struggles as people who have actual problems.

I don’t base my votes on the marital or parental status of a candidate.  I don’t base my votes on what sex or nationality or religion or color they are.  I base it on whether or not I think they are qualified to lead a country without prejudice and without agenda.  I just don’t believe that Hillary Clinton is the one for the job.

Do you know what I think would be incredible?  If Hillary took her considerable campaign funding and found a qualified, middle-class American and then used her popularity and contributors to help get that person elected instead. Wow — now that would be an amazing thing.

Hillary?  If you’re listening?  Think it over.

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