By now everyone is pretty much aware of the horrifying details of the child abuse charge against Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings.  You can review what I wrote about it the other day if you want to.

A national outcry has erupted since last weekend.  The Vikings have reinstated Adrian Peterson and, as of now, he will play on Sunday as if nothing ever happened.  The team is claiming that they want to let “due process” run its course.  What is the reality?  Only those on the inside really know, but I would not find it far-fetched to believe that the embarrassing loss the Vikings took last Sunday doesn’t have something to do with the decision.

Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse (Getty Images)

Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse (Getty Images)

Adrian Peterson has admitted what he did.  He has admitted to having gone overboard and claims to feel bad about it.  That may or may not be true.  I suspect that he is only regretful that he got caught.  He has a history of over-discliplining his very young children.  He’s spoken of it before; he’s defended himself against accusations of being cruel with the old “I had it done to me when I was a kid” excuse.  This is not a man who is claiming innocence.  Yes, he is entitled to a trial and he’ll have his day in court.  But his job is more than just running around on the field with a football.  A huge part of the NFL is a team’s image, its reputation, and its character.  Ray Rice hit his grown-up fiancee and got kicked off his team and basically banned from the league.  Adrian Peterson beat a defenseless child to the point of drawing blood, and he got the weekend off?  Seriously, NFL?

Thankfully, there are some who are taking a stand against the look-the-other-way mentality that seems to exist toward child abuse.  Radisson Hotels have suspended their sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings after Adrian Peterson was charged.  In a statement Monday, Minnetonka-based Radisson said it ”takes this matter very seriously particularly in light of our long-standing commitment to the protection of children.’

Bravo, Radisson!  Bravo!

This just in!  Nike stores in the Twin Cities have pulled all merchandise relating to the Minnesota Vikings running back from their shelves, Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press reports.

Let’s take a stand, America!

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